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Spideypool meets Scott Pilgrim *Request by -*

why is this not funded

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How you want to see
All the depths of me real.


Parent!Lock gifset

Will and Hamish got involved in a fight at school. John demands explanations. 

This is brilliant.


Sherlock AU: Star Trek / Parentlock




Unlike Jim, Sebastian is determined to minimise the amount of violence Alex is exposed to as she grows up. Not counting that one time Jim taught a bunch of five year olds at a birthday party, how to weaponise a plastic spork…

p.s an SIG-Sauera P230 is a handgun 

I think this might be the first parent Mormor we’ve had on the blog, and it’s brilliant!


yes please I’d like them all thank you

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Supernatural Destiel & Sabriel AU: Checking out guys at the grocery store.


That’s right! They babysit!

Good laugh this morning


That’s right! They babysit!

Good laugh this morning


My first Molrene Parentlock: Irene has to leave the country for a while (for safety reasons) and her absence is taking its toll on Molly; their daughter Evelyn can’t help but notice, and lets her mother know. 


McFassy Bond AU - James-007 | Michael-bond girl boy

"This is a dangerous place" he whispers in a low, hushed voice, eyes flicking back and forth between the three man that had followed them to the bar, before his stale eyes settle back on the agent, "he doesn’t like it when people meddle in his business."

"I’m not here to meddle. I’m here to do business.” James says and takes a sip of his Martini. “I would actually like to meet the man your are working for.”

The other man hisses. He takes another drag on his cigarette with a shaking hand, holding it for a moment, before exhaling slowly.

"As soon as I leave you’ll be dead. If you make it by any miracle, meet me at the Santa Clara in 40 minutes at the port."

James smirks at the thumb stroking his wrist in a fleeting movement.